Intro to Hooping Course (Free Version)


*Free Version*

You can get a beginner hoop here (our affiliate link). Between 40 -44" is recommended.

Find out how to make your own hoop and more in the Ultimate Guide to Hooping here.

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Tired of the same ol' workouts and/or dances? Start something fun and new! Begin your hoop dance practice today. Learn from and industry pro with nearly a decade of hooping experience. 

Hooping can be overwhelming at the beginning. This course should help you! It was created for those who would love to begin hooping, but don't know where to start.

The sections in this video were made to streamline the process of learning to hoop so that you are less frustrated and able to hoop in a shorter amount of time.

This course contains 6 regular sections and 2 bonus sections that are as follows:

Section 1 Choosing Your First Hoop

Section 2 Waist Hooping

Section 3 Pivoting and Turning

Section 4 Breaking and Reversing

Section 5 Stepping/Walking

Section 6 Putting Moves Together

Bonus Section 1 Downward Angle Hooping

Bonus Section 2 Chest and Shoulder Hooping

*The premium version that includes 6 bonus downloads can be found here*

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  • Author: Erica Preston of Hoop to the Rhythm